Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Joe & Tely box

Joe H

That's what we called Joe Hvilivitzky when he first joined the Toronto Sun newsroom in the late 1970s.

Or just plain Joe.

We figured he might move on before we tackled his last name, so why bother. But Joe H was a keeper, making a name for himself in the newsroom for 2 1/2 years as a GA, a court reporter and an ACE. He left then returned in 1980 for a few months.

Off he went again, this time to Alberta for stints at the Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald. In 2001, he returned to hometown Niagara Falls.

Out of the blue this week, an e-mail to TSF with an update and a vintage Toronto Telegram newspaper box offering:

"Hope you remember me," he writes.

"It's only recently I discovered your excellent and informative blog. It brings back so many good memories of my time at the Sun, both of people and events.

"Turns out TSF is my main source of information as to what is happening at the Niagara Falls Review, where I spent close to 10 years as reporter and city editor, and to which I am now but a subscriber and occasional cranky letter writer.

"Although retired, I am still doing some freelance - I write about marathon running, and am the part-time copy editor for Niagara Magazine, the Sun Media lifestyle mag here in the Niagara Peninsula. I also work as a sightseeing guide during the summer months.

"In addition to making contact, I do have another purpose in writing. You will have noticed the attachment - it is a photo of an old Toronto Telegram news box. I acquired this thing the day after the Tely closed up, from the local distributor in Niagara, and have been hauling it around with me ever since.

"Last year, it was finally banished to the basement, and last week the decision was made to let it go, as we did a major cleansing of possessions that had some sentiment attached but were serving no purpose other than as clutter.

"However, I couldn't bring myself to send this journalistic artifact to the sanitary landfill site (aka the dump), hence this note.

"Rather than put it on eBay or kijiji, I'd love to give it away to someone who would appreciate it and use it - preferably a former colleague.

"I know the purpose of TSF isn't to sell or distribute articles, but if you'd like this thing or know anyone who would, I'd appreciate any suggestions. Perhaps some sort of charitable purpose?


Cheers to you, Joe. Remember you - and your work.

As an auction fan, can tell you vintage newspaper boxes in good condition have sold for more than $100. Your Tely box appears to be in excellent condition.

It definitely does not belong in a dump. Every print vet's home should have one as a conversation piece.

TSF readers include former Telegram employees. Perhaps they might be interested.

A donation to a charity in exchange for the Tely box?

E-mail Joe if you are interested in the newspaper box or just want to catch up with a former colleague.

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