Monday, 22 March 2010

Paton's blog

John Paton, the new CEO at Journal Register Co. in the U.S. and former Sun Media exec, has a new blog directed at JR employees and the public.

Employees are responding to Paton's positive company rejuvenation postings and not all are commenting anonymously.

Imagine, a CEO blogging for the benefit of employees and the public.

And a CEO who has introduced profit sharing to motivate employees.

Paton's mentors at the Toronto Sun taught him well.

Over to you, PKP.


  1. Wow. If you go to the blog, it's nice to read about a CEO that cares about the business AND the employees. Good luck John! Hopefully PKP sees this and chokes on the silver spoon he uses.

  2. Wow, John Paton sounds like Bill Dempsey - formally President and CEO of Bowes Publishers.

    Too bad Sun Media doesn't follow this approach to incorporate on-line and in-print newspapers and allow their employees help make decisions.

  3. Formally? Don't you mean formerly? And you work in this industry?!

  4. A CEO who cares about his employees and investing in the industry, what a novel idea!

    Where can I send my resume?