Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Doing it right

When we talk about the glory years of the Toronto Sun, we're talking about consistent tabloid fronts - much like Tuesday's front.

Editors over the decades had fun with the front, but never at the expense of a solid crime, fire or accident photo story.

Toronto Sun editors have been hit and miss in the past year, clearly not focusing on placing the front page on a pedestal.

But they nailed it Tuesday, followed by solid news on Page 2 (two seniors struck by a truck); Page 4 (Mark Bonokoski's column on a reluctant crime witness); Page 5 (aftermath of the father and daughter fire deaths); Page 6 (cop killed); Page 7 (Peel police funeral).

Surprisingly, it was the Toronto Star that kissed off the cop killing story Tuesday, with a small front page head-and-shoulder photo and a brief throw to an inside page.

Once upon a time, the Sun was much more tab than broadsheet. We miss that, as do a lot of the vets who made the Sun what it was pre-Quebecor, pre-layoffs, pre-centralization, pre-pissing on journalists in general.

The successful formula Doug, Peter and Don created has largely been tossed, but we hang in there daily for the reliable contributions of the vets, whose professionalism at 333 clearly hasn't faded despite the hurt locker landscape.

Days like Tuesday warrant payment of $1.50 - plus tax.

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