Friday, 19 March 2010

You Said It

Quote of the Week re employees at four Sun Media newspaper - Kingston Whig-Standard, London Free Press, Sault Ste. Marie Star and Woodstock Sentinel-Review - being nominated for 2009 NNAs.

Posted on TSF as an anonymous comment:

"I know it's a cliche, but for these guys to be nominated for NNAs - after enduring the garbage and hardship their own company foisted on them last year - is an award in itself.

"Don't let the indifference from Sun Media spoil things, all of your peers in this company tip their hat."

Yes, it does the heart good to see Sun Media journalists rise above the pettiness of Quebecor and strive to be be recognized for the work they are doing.

Here's hoping all of the nominees can afford to attend the awards gala in May on their own dime to savour the experience and to let PKP know they are not intimidated by his anti-awards edicts.

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  1. Word is they had to pay their own entry fee for the NNA noms, too. Will they get in trouble with PKP for entering the competition? If they win, will the papers be allowed to write about it?