Saturday, 27 March 2010

Re Rob Smith

Memories of Rob Smith:

Greg Oliver, former Toronto Sun staffer:

"I worked at the Sun library from 1991-1993 or so. Rob, Julie Hornby and Sue Dugas made working evenings (4-11pm) at the Toronto Sun library fun for this summer student, and later as a part-timer who filled in all kinds of shifts. They were always supportive of me, and each other.

"There were more than a few times - especially for this Ryerson student - when perhaps there was something better to do than be at work, and they'd cover for me.

"Rob had a real dry sense of humour. Never got worked up or angry about things. Back when the library was the centre of things, and requests would be coming from every direction as we got closer to deadline, that was an important trait to learn from.

"After he left the Sun, I'd run into him here and there. I think the last time, I was out for drinks with my wife and ex-Sun staffer and librarian Catherine Flannery at Pauper's, at Bloor & Bathurst. Rob was somewhere else in the bar and I brought him back to share some laughs about the old times.

"R.I.P. Rob."

Memories of Rob can be e-mailed to TSF.

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