Wednesday, 31 March 2010

CP-less preview

Sun Media editors and readers will get a taste of CP-free newspapers next week.

A TSF tipster says Sun Media editors have been told not to use Canadian Press content from April 5 through 10, not even a file shot.

"It is a dry run for when they go AP/CP free on July 1," says the tipster.

Judging by QMI copy in the Toronto Sun in recent months, the papers will be watered down with weak QMI stories and photos.

We have noticed QMI content from other provinces that surely left Toronto Sun readers wondering, "who cares?"

In QMI's case, sharing is not always a matter of caring. It is a matter of filling news slots with QMI content. It will be quantity, not quality.

A recent routine snow photo from Alberta comes to mind. And weak local stories from other Sun Media communities have been laughable.

Readers in smaller Ontario communities are pissed off now with Toronto Sun content filling pages of their newspapers. They don't want more outside QMI content.

But PKP will be saving money in dumping CP and AP. That's the bottom line in the dumbing down of Sun Media newspapers.

The biggest losers without CP and AP? Readers, of course.


  1. PKP, I hope he finally gets his hockey team.
    Then he could play goalie and we can all take shots at him. Of course he won't be wearing any pads!

  2. Maybe NADBank should be doing a readership survey that week, no?

  3. Can't wait for the swarm of complaints... no wire sports during the Masters? MLB starts that week, NHL playoff race wrapping up.

    Should be a fun week for sports readers. Just head to or I guess.

  4. Does that include the Sun papers not using it? I can't imagine the Toronto Sun not using the wire....their sports section will take a major hit.

    This QMI Agency will never effectively replace CP. Writers aren't as efficient. You can get four or five updated versions of a story by the time one story is filed by most QMI staff.
    And CP sticks to facts and straight to the point, not long-winded columns and stories. The writing is a huge difference and most readers of our paper have noticed the change and don't like it all.

  5. Until the bosses are actually responsible for filling pages with copy and photos from the wires/sister papers, they will continue to make asinine decisions. And since that will never happen, Sun staff and readers are doomed.

  6. No sooner had this been posted, then what shows up on the Calgary Sun's and Canoe website?