Monday, 17 January 2011

Changing course

Alan Craig went from a four-year Toronto Sun cop desk ambulance chaser in the 1970s to riding in them as a Toronto Emergency Medical Services employee.

Now former Toronto Sun photographer Greg Henkenhaf has been sworn in as a Toronto police constable assigned to 55 Division.

Craig joined the Toronto Fire Department in 1977, became a paramedic in 1982, was promoted to deputy EMS chief in 1999 and is now the EMS deputy chief-at-large, says the EMS website.  Impressive.

Friends and former colleagues of Henkenhaf, a father of two, say he also has what it takes to do the city and its police force proud. 

Veteran Sun photographer Michael Peake was at the swearing in ceremony for Henkenhaf and 41 other men and women last week.

(Linked photo courtesy of Peter Power's The Occasional Blogger site.) 

Maryanna Lewyckyj, a former Toronto Sun vet, tells TSF:

"I had heard a while back that Greg had left the Sun and was training to be a cop. What a huge loss for the Sun, but what a wonderful addition to the police ranks.

"Here's hoping for a long and distinguished career and a retirement with a decent pension."

Hear, hear.

Along the way, fellow constables will no doubt quiz him about his SUNshine Girl photo duties while at the Sun.

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