Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Niagara - 5

Four art department staffers in the Niagara area were painted out of the Sun Media picture yesterday, says a tipster.

Gone are two in St. Catharines, one in Welland and another in Niagara Falls, says the tipster.

Any names or years of service?

Meanwhile, another source says entertainment/arts reporter Lori Littleton of the St. Catharines Standard has notified local arts groups she is gone from the paper this week.

No reason for her departure, but one tipster says it was her decision.


  1. yes they were co-workers of mine
    andy gecse - 21 yrs
    wasiim bashir - 2.5 yrs
    grant and jay from wellland and niagara falls
    all from creative, slashed right across the board and worked shipped to india.

  2. The same company that ships its jobs to India wants public money to build an arena for its hockey team. That's just great.

  3. Do we know for certain if the work went to India or did it go to non-union in-house workers?

  4. The back shop at the Tribune, where some of these people were, is a non-union shop

  5. add another -2 to the count * -7 *

    TWO SALES people, Angela and Barb quit
    on Black Monday, the 24th as well.

  6. Another black monday today, in addition to 4 creative people being laid off, the whole composing in wellland was let go. Thats's 18 people!