Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tamara to CTV

-3Tamara Cherry, the Toronto Sun's high profile crime reporter, has moved on to television, namely CTV.

The reporter, widely recognized for her Sun work on human trafficking in Canada, was introduced on air yesterday by Ken Shaw as CTV's new crime reporter, "a specialist in the field."

Tamara, 26, earns top marks for on-air poise during her first CTV appearance, a live report from the streets of Toronto following the death of Toronto Police Sgt. Ryan Russell.

She was a Toronto Star newsroom intern for 16 months, from May of 2006 to September of 2007, before joining the Sun's news team.

Her series on human trafficking began in January of 2008 and earned her wide acclaim.

It looks like the beginning of a long relationship for Tamara and CTV.

But as always, the question is why did the Sun let her talent exit 333? 


  1. On air TV reporting pays twice as much as print

  2. Great for her! Congrats! Get out while you can is the best course of action with Quebecor.

    Of course CTV probably pays a bit better so heaven forbid Quebecor keep talent around that could help out Sun TV News. How's the duct taped live cameras in each office coming along?