Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rimmer CD

Toronto Sun favourite Paul "Rimmer" Rimstead told great tales about being a jazz band drummer in the years before his death at 52 in 1987.

Gone, but not forgotten, Rimmer was back in the Toronto Sun yesterday in a Mike Strobel column about new life for old jazz.

Namely a CD jazz vet Jim Galloway has produced from vintage reel-to-reel tapes recorded at a club called Daniel's in 1973, with Rimstead on drums for three of the 12 tracks.

Strobel says the CD, Vic Dickenson and Jim Galloway — Live in Toronto, can be ordered at

As Strobel says of Rimstead, who died May 26, 1987, he wasn't Buddy Rich, but he sure could swing.  
Of all the hundreds of men and women who have passed through the Toronto Sun doors since Nov. 1, 1971, Rimstead remains the No. 1 reader-referenced staffer. 

Thanks to Galloway, fans can now capture some of his musical legacy.

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