Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kenny's book

When Ken Robertson died from cancer three days before Christmas, he had all but two chapters of his second Windcharm book written. 

With the Toronto Sun Day Oner's circle of friends including veteran reporters, writers and editors, it was automatic that they would help complete Ken's labour of love and get it published.

It also helped that Ken had asked Lynn Tymczyszyn, a daughter, to write the final chapter and include details of his much loved great grandson, Charlie. 

This is what Lynn wrote in a comment posted on TSF:

"Ken Robertson was my Dad. Thank you all for your comments. I am sitting here reading them with tears in my eyes.

"Dad recovered from cancer surgery in November 2009, but the cancer came back. He was not feeling well for the past few months but kept going. He wanted to finish his book. He had two chapters to go.

"Jack Hutton suggested his news buddies send me stories about my Dad and we will include them in the book. I think that is a fantastic idea. Dad would love it.

"Dad also asked me to write about his new Great Grandson "Charlie" who he loved so much. He said something about this baby made everything perfect.

"My Dad asked me to publish the book, so I will try. I will welcome any stories you can send to me. I have many memories, but some of my favorite times with Dad were sailing on "Shadow" across Lake Ontario. I would phone him every day asking if we could go.

"I miss him so much. We are planning a Celebration of his Life, I think at Windcharm, in the spring. I hope all of his friends will come."

Thank you, Lynn. Let us know when details for the Celebration of Life are finalized.

And we are confident friends of Ken will help you get Windcharm 2 completed and published.

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