Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Odds and ends

Old age benefits for Canadian cons over 65 were axed as of Jan. 1 and aging prisoners  affected are no doubt ticked off with Clifford Olson. The serial killer's pension cheque boast to Toronto Sun columnist Peter Worthington last year set the federal Bill C-31, An Act to Amend the Old Age Security Act, into motion. 

The Canadian Journalism Project notes Globe and Mail columnists Jeffrey Simpson and Margaret Wente, and the Toronto Star's public editor, Kathy English, have owned up to mistakes made in 2010. And, "in the spirit of journalistic accuracy and transparency, J-Source has just added a section to our site that lets readers see all our corrections." TorSun's 2010 errors? MIA.

TSF thanks Clare Westcott for directing us to an Eric Dowd tribute by TVO's Steve Paikin to mark  Eric's funeral Tuesday. Says Clare: "It is sad that the Curmudgeon Dean of Queen's Park is gone." Clare, a familiar face in Toronto's political, police and media circles for decades, is the father of the Sun's much-admired late police reporter, Jamie Westcott.

Today's the day the Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA) and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) officially become one under a new name - Newspapers Canada. A Marketwire press release says "the move to one name allows the industry to present a united front for marketing purposes." 

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  1. Will the Toronto Star now do a story about mistakes in its story on mistakes? Geez, you'd think someone would bother to spend at least a few seconds to proofread. Maybe they're too busy copy-and-pasting? Note that no paper bothers to talk about its online mistakes because no paper takes their own site seriously.