Sunday, 20 March 2011

Buying front page

The Toronto Sun sold out its front page to Universal Pictures on Friday, but while a studio can buy the front page it can't buy the movie critic.

We don't know the going ad rate for Pages 1 and 2, but Sun critic Jim Slotek paid it no mind in giving the movie Paul a lukewarm review. 

In a nutshell, Slotek says:

"Paul is E.T. and Fanboys mixed together with a lot of pot. It has a few laughs, but I expected more from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost."

In some bean-counting circles, paying big bucks for upfront pages should mean a positive review for any product the advertiser is promoting.

Thankfully, not so at the Sun. 

We're sure Slotek and any other self-respecting movie critic would walk out the door if ordered to bow to the advertising dollar.

Speaking of front pages, in light of world events and some Ontario events, the  Sun's front page decisions in the past week have been perplexing.

Starting with the Maple Leafs sale front, followed by the faulty trash can front, the Paul promo front etc.

One thought in seeing the Star, Globe, Post and Sun front pages side-by-side in stores this past week was what are those editors at the Sun smoking?

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  1. All three papers in Niagara are getting wraps for front every few months. It's leaving readers confused as it appears to them to be the front page of the paper.