Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Memories of Bob

Memories of Bob Reguly, the former award-winning Toronto Star and Toronto Sun investigative reporter who died last week at 80:

From Susan Kane Doyle: "Bob was a very unique character who taught me a lot. Arguing with Bob was an art form, as was just sitting and listening to him. He knew more about reporting and following a lead then anyone I have ever met.

"For many years he was a member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada, he held most positions on the board and was never afraid to call things as he saw them. I will miss his pointed questions, his laugh, and the twinkle when he was pulling your leg."

Ted Gorsline, former Sun freelancer: "Bob Reguly was stand alone at the Toronto Sun. He had no equal."
John Downing, Toronto Sun Day Oner and former editor, writes about Reguly in a new Downing's Views blog posting.

Andy Donato, Toronto Sun Day Oner: "Sorry to hear about Bob.  He was a great journalist who had a sad ending. He never should have been treated the way he was."

Memories of Bob can be emailed to TSF.

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