Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vallee & Base

Brian Vallee and Ron Base, two 1970s members of the Toronto Sun's Windsor Mafia, are working together once again as author/publisher and author more than three decades later.

In fact, Brian's new West-End Books publishing house has released Ron's two most recent novels: The Strange, published in 2009, and The Sanibel Sunset Detective, a late 2010 release.

Brian and Ron will be rubbing shoulders during The Sanibel Sunset Detective book launch next Tuesday night from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the P.J. O'Brien Irish Pub on Colborne St. (Behind the King Eddy).

The Windsor Mafia consisted of a lot of Windsor Star talent called up by Sun city editor Les Pyette in the 1970s, including Brian, Ron, Mark Bonokoski, Bruce Blackadar, Lloyd Kemp, Cam Norton, Greg Parent, Ben Grant etc.

Brian went on to become involved in Just Another Missing Kid, an Oscar-winning CBC documentary; several award-winning books, including his best-selling Life With Billy books; guest speaking engagements at events across Canada;  his own publishing house.

Ron's post-Sun career has included Toronto Star movie critic; Hollywood movie production and 11 novels and non-fiction books.

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