Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The OCNA noms

Updated 8/3/11
It is awards season again.

And time for a new assignment for QMI: Write a story about Sun Media nominees in the Ontario Community Newspaper Association's 2010 Better Newspaper Awards.

The awards will be handed out May 13 in Niagara Falls.

Online OCNA stories found to date:


  1. You need the Quebecor buying arena naming rights story... Nice to know this company needs to layoff people to stay afloat!

  2. That story can be found at

    Hockey glory on the backs of employees.

  3. Well I figured you'd post it as a topic... readers will love knowing their dumped salaries went.

  4. How many people will have to be fired to pay for this wonderful news. Imagine a NHL team of 18 year olds, being paid $1000. a week. At the end of the period the team mans the Vamboni and sells the fries at the concessions. Then at the end of the game, when they have lost the game, they will be replaced with another set of now 17 year olds being paid $600 a week and told to clean toilets before the game, I think we all now how this works. What a shame for the NHL.