Thursday, 31 March 2011

No respect

Once upon a time, Toronto Sun photographers were key players who provided quality, innovative  photos daily for the front page to the back.

Today, no respect. 

James Wallace, editor in chief of the Toronto Sun, thanked a lot of staffers yesterday in a story about positive NADbank readership stats in its 2010 survey.

Wallace thanked sports writers, news columnists, the new crime columnist and man-about-town Strobel for "playing a huge role in giving readers a reason for picking up the paper every day."

No mention of the photo team, recognized during the glory years as a vital link to increased sales. The front pages, the SUNshine girls and boys, the innovative photo strategies.  

Perhaps, management feels creative photography is no longer needed when you have lots of crayons and can create daily pie charts and diagrams to fill space.

But give us spot news photos taken by proud, seasoned photographers any day of the week.


  1. Quote: "Perhaps, management feels creative photography is no longer needed..."

    Ask TorSun photogs what the EIC just demanded from them (and not from the writers and columnists).

  2. Heck, despite all our best efforts, the interest in spot news was being dissed during my last few years at the Sun. Or so it would seem by the comments I got from the photo editor of the day and on up. A note from the page editors on a particular photo, sometimes and exclusive, was laughed at by those in charge.

    I left under duress, knowing that things would never improve. I feel badly for what's left of the photo staff as the Sun approaches a milestone anniversary.

    Bill Sandford