Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sun & 30s

The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail know best when it comes to saying farewell to journalists who die.

The Toronto Sun, not so much in recent years. We don't know why. In pre-Quebecor years, there was always space for heart-felt obits and even tribute columns. 

Ken Robertson, a Day Oner and former city editor? 

Not a word.

Most recently, zero words for Robert Reguly.

Life in Sun Media's new word factory isn't what it used to be. 

But there is TSF, for now

Speaking of Ken Robertson, his daughter, Lynn, says a Celebration of Life will be held May 7 at Windcharm. E-mail her for more details and directions.


  1. New topics:

    Bring on more layoffs!!


    SunTV needs more money:


  2. Be difficult finding time to write a tribute column to anyone when you're producing four stories a shift, plus photos, plus video.

  3. Unless it was PKP's cronies or shareholders, then in his mind, nobody cares.