Wednesday, 30 March 2011

It is spin time

Updated 02/04/11 re London Free Press
The latest Canadian newspaper readership stats for 2010 have been released by NADbank - and the spinning begins.

Calgary Herald - Herald readership climbs to all-time high

Calgary Sun - The Sun shines brighter

Chronicle Herald (N.S.) - Study: Newspaper readership increases in N.S.

Edmonton Sun - Sun shines brightly: readership survey

Globe and Mail - Globe readership climbs, in print and online

London Free Press - We're doing just fine, check us out

Metro (Toronto) - More Toronto readers choosing Metro

National Post - National Post readership grows in key markets: NADbank

Ottawa Sun - Ottawa Sun readership growth continues

Toronto Star - Star still most widely read newspaper in Canada

Toronto Sun - You really like us! Sun readership soars

(Vancouver) Province - The Province is B.C.'s best-read paper - and growing

Vancouver Sun - Vancouver Sun sees healthy increase in readership online and in print

Winnipeg Free Press - More people reading the Free Press

Winnipeg Sun - Sun readership up significantly

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