Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Metro vs Freep

The London Free Press and Winnipeg Sun will be facing new competition when Metro launches free papers in those Sun Media cities April 4.

The Winnipeg Sun has been kept on its toes with competition from the Winnipeg Free Press, but is the London Free Press ready for a meaty free Metro on the streets?

It can only be good news for print readers and advertisers in London.

Metro is distributed free in seven other Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Halifax.

A CP story says the London and Winnipeg Metros will be joint ventures between Metro International SA of Sweden and Torstar Corp.

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  1. Looks good on Quebecor for all the bullshit they've done, cutting good papers to shreds. Maybe the company will actually spend some money to improve their products, instead of finding ways to slowly kill them.