Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Shoeshine boy

Say "shoeshine boy" to anyone over 45 and the worst memories of 1977 will come to mind, especially for Toronto media reps who covered the murder of 12-year-old Emanuel Jaques.

A recent Cancrime posting by former ace Kingston Whig-Standard crime writer Rob Tripp revived memories of that summer assignment 34 years ago. 

Tripp writes about a bizarre threat by one of the killers, Saul Betesh (yes, he is still alive and still in prison 30-plus years later). You can read Tripp's scoop here.

Tripp's piece would have made an appealing Toronto Sun special had he not left on his own recently to pursue freelance projects.

Perhaps Stroble, Mandel, Haines or Bonokoski can do a Sunday Sun update on Betesh and the whole sordid affair.

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