Wednesday, 30 March 2011

No 30 for print

As advocates of print media have been saying for years, online newspapers are not on the verge of burying print.

Yes, online readership is increasing, but print dominates, 2010 NADbank survey results clearly show. In Toronto, for example, overall print readership is 70%, compared to 30% online.

Says NADbank in releasing 2010 stats today:
"Almost 8 out of 10 adults living in markets where daily newspapers are available read either a printed edition or visited a newspaper website each week. 

"Migration to newspaper websites continues, but the printed edition remains the most popular way to read a newspaper. Across all markets 73% read a printed edition of a daily newspaper each week and 71% of readers read only the printed edition.

"2010 Study readership results show that 15 million (78%) reach adults read a daily newspaper or visited a newspaper website each week up from 14.7 million in 2009. Newspapers continue to demonstrate their value to Canadians every day."

Says NADbank: Online editions are not the death knell for printed newspapers:

80% of all online readers read printed editions of newspapers;

Only 6% of newspaper readers only read online

71% of newspaper readers read only printed newspapers 

So why does Sun Media have bare bones print newsrooms and have those same newsrooms devote more time and energy to online news and video than its print editions?

It doesn't make sense to cut back on print days, print staff and print facilities when print remains the favourite source for readers across the country.

It is biting the hand that feeds Quebecor.

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