Thursday, 24 March 2011

Peter W. & Liz

Add lunch with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton to Peter Worthington's long list of exclusives in his 50-plus years in newspapers. 

The year was 1964 and Burton and Taylor, a scandalous unmarried couple at the time, arrived in Toronto to hordes of media.

Peter tells the story in a Toronto Sun column, which includes a video clip of his replay of his Telegram assignment that left the competition literally on the outside looking in as he lunched with the celebrity couple.

"Exclusive" is an overused word at the Sun these days, but it fit like a glove for Peter's King Eddy scoop in January of 1964.

Liz was a magnet for men for a few generations. Gone at 79, we'll always have  National Velvet, Giant and her numerous other movies.  

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