Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sun sites crash

We were going to provide links to a couple of Toronto Sun stories, but  the site has crashed.

As have the Sun sites in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton.

This appeared throughout the early morning hours at

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /cs/Satellite.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80

That is a first in a while.

Any tipsters out there in the know?


  1. Looks like they're all down. Calgary and Edmonton too. Maybe the Internet finally realized how horrible the layout was?

  2. Looks like they are having a repeat today, 2012-06-14 -- guess IT management hasn't learned anything as this is trivially avoidable.