Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Liz Braun nails Fox

Liz Braun, take a bow. Your Take Two replay of what Sally Field said during the Emmys on Sunday and what wasn't heard by American viewers put Fox in its place.

Canadian viewers watching the Emmys on CTV heard Sally say "if all the mothers ruled the world, there would be no God damn (sic) wars in the first place."

We thought Toronto TV critics would be all over Fox for its juvenile censoring of Sally and several other celebrities during the Emmys, but nooooo.

Liz Braun said more about Fox taking television back to the "Dark Ages" in two paragraphs than we have read anywhere else.

Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America said Canadian TV viewers heard all of the words censored during the Emmys, so why not American viewers?

Has anyone asked CTV how the True North, strong and free got to be treated as adults?

One American talk show host suggested Fox wasn't censoring the goddamn, but was silencing Sally's anti-war sentiment. That raises a more serious form of censorship.

The Huffington Post offers numerous commentaries on the censorship.

TV ratings revealed this year's Emmys bombed big time, compared to the Emmys on NBC last year. It will tank further next year if Fox is allowed to host it again.

Fox should be banned from hosting any awards show after its embarrassing display of censorship.

And American viewers should be mad as hell and just not taking it anymore - from Fox or any other media source.

So thanks Liz for today's Take Two and for your priceless, no holds barred movie reviews.

Now if we can only wean you from frequent P.H. mentions.


  1. Dark ages? Thank God some people show restraint and do not allow offensive cursing to be heard or printed.

  2. Truth be told, I'll trust anything that comes out of FOX long before Sun Media.

  3. I was reading the Edmonton Sun this morning. There was a big full-page in-house ad showing a young kid that said something to the effect of, "The Sun! First with families!"

    I don't understand why TSFB keeps insisting that the Sun papers should be printing the F-word and other cursing when the Sun is marketing to a younger, family-oriented audience that certainly does not want to see that kind of language in the newspaper.