Saturday, 17 November 2007

Dave Lucas update

Dave Lucas, the former award-winning Toronto Sun photographer who left the tabloid in April, has been promoted to permanent assistant photo editor of the Globe and Mail's Review section.

Dave quit the turbulent Sun last April after six years to accept a newsroom desk job at the Globe. But you can't keep a good man from doing what he does best and for Dave, that be photography.

An in-house Globe posting announcing Dave's promotion says: "David joined us earlier this year as an imaging technician but with his many years of experience as a photographer and desk editor, he was quickly called upon to fill various photo editor vacancies. Since then, David has established excellent working relationships in all sections and was key in handling this year’s massive TIFF photo coverage."

Congrats Dave. The Globe's photo desk has a long history of excellence so you have some big shoes to fill, but former Sun colleagues believe you have what it takes.

Recent Globe promotions for Jim Jennings, former Sun editor-in-chief, and Dave Lucas, former award winning Sun photographer, highlight once again the talent lost due to Quebecor's gutting of the tabloid.

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