Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Maddie's dream

Few Toronto Sun news stories bring us to tears, but tears there were while reading about Maddie Babineau's dream in Tuesday's paper.

Properly played on Page 3 - ahead of two pages of more mindless murder and mayhem - Maddie's dream to build a much-needed school and a well in Africa was bittersweet.

Brian Gray's story about Maddie, diagnosed at 12 and dead at 15 from bone cancer - 10 years after her father died from ALS - clearly shows this selfless teen made a difference on this earth.

Maddie, like Terry Fox, should become a poster girl for paying it forward under duress. She put politicians on all levels to shame with her determination to get a job done.

The online Maddie's Wish Project continues to publicize her cause, with her mother, Sharon, working on other projects in memory of her daughter.

What a heartwarming, positive Sun story, the type of community spirit stories that has always set the tabloid apart from the competition.

The CBC will profile Maddie's story tonight at 8:30 p.m.

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