Monday, 26 November 2007

Fantino book pricing

What is it with the Sun Media News Research Centre when it comes to mail order book prices?

Duty - The Life of a Cop, the new Julian Fantino biography co-authored by former Toronto Sun justice columnist Jerry Amernic, is priced by Sun Media at $46.99, postage and taxes included.

Meanwhile, at the online web site, you can buy it new for $29.95, postage and taxes included and delivered to your door within a day or two.

That $17 difference is significant for people buying books as Christmas gifts.

There will no doubt be keen interest in a book about the life and times of Fantino, so why is Sun Media gouging loyal Sun readers?

It should be competing with other book sellers to give readers a break in book pricing.

What do you think, Julian Fantino, is price policing required?

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