Saturday, 17 November 2007

Jack gets zapped

Sun reporters have volunteered for a wide variety of first person adventures over the decades to the delight of readers, but Jack Boland's tasering tops them all.

Claire Bickley's winter walk with a lion down a city street seems tame compared to Jack volunteering to have Toronto police taser him - twice.

Jan Lounder's ride atop an elephant must have been a breeze compared to Jack's zaps, which had to be repeated because the assigned photographer's flash didn't work the first time.

Michael Peake and a lady model working with a tiger at a High Park photo session escape injury when the tiger had a tantrum and had to be subdued by its trainer.

Risky business, some of those Sun assignments, but to volunteer to be tasered when tasered people are dying, that is taking one for the team to a whole new level.

Toronto police held the invitational media taser session while the world was watching yet another video of a fatal tasering, this time a Polish tourist in a Vancouver, B.C., airport.

A smiling Jack replayed his experience during an interview on Canoe Live yesterday.

Jack said after signing a waver and with paramedics standing by, Toronto police gave him a taste of a taser, a controlling device police argue is needed in the city to save lives.

Jack didn't say during the interview if the police demonstration was tasering at its normal output, but what he did get was effective.

"It is pretty debilitating," says Jack. "You cannot move."

When told by the photog he had to shoot it again, Jack got zapped again.

You da man, Jack. You da man.

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