Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Solid news day

So the Toronto Sun didn't post its circulation figures for ABC and its employees won't be getting a share of the record quarterly Quebecor Media profits.

At least newsroom employees - reporters, columnists, photographers and editors - are due more kudos for publishing another solid edition on Tuesday.

From the disturbing front page photo of a bespectacled lawyer in a suit fleeing teargas-throwing soldiers on the streets of Lahore, Pakistan;

To Joe Warmington's Page 2 column reacting incredulously to pleas to have the body of murdered deported career criminal O'Neil Grant returned to Toronto from Jamaica for burial;

To Mark Bonokoski's Page 6 three-part series finale about a brutal double rape 25 years ago, tracking down and interviewing the crackhead culprit in east-end Toronto;

To Thane Burnett's Page 8 launch of his one-week Great Lakes adventure aboard the Canadian Enterprise, a trek readers can follow using Thane's online log;

To Peter Worthington's Page 9 story about a Vancouver Federal Court of Appeal ruling that puts the citizenship of thousands of World War II war brides and their children in doubt;

To an unsigned "Let's get Toronto moving" editorial that truly represents the Sun's motto: Toronto's Other Voice;

To Donna Casey's Page 24 Right To Die article, the third in a series of five taking us where Canadian writers seldom venture;

To the always dependable 20-page sports section and its Maple Leafs coverage;

To the almost flawless TV Extra page etc.

Leave the depleted newsroom to the news vets and Toronto Sun readers will still get their money's worth. It is not called loyalty these days, it is called journalistic integrity and pride.

Exhibit A: Tuesday's Sun.

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