Thursday, 22 November 2007

Peter W. & Oswald

Toronto Sun employees sharing the newsroom with Peter Worthington over the decades have always been in awe of him for where he was the day Jack Ruby murdered Lee Harvey Oswald.

A few feet away.

The Toronto Telegram reporter, who can be seen in news clips reacting to the shooting of Oswald, was the only Canadian journalist in the underground garage of the Dallas police station that morning.

Peter occasionally writes about the John Kennedy assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, and the murder of Oswald, 24, two days later, as he did in a 2005 column.

Today being the 44th anniversary of JFK's assassination, Peter will no doubt be asked to replay his eyewitness account of the shooting of Oswald.

We never tire of hearing about that bizarre moment in history, viewed live by millions of NBC television viewers.

Peter has never bought into the JFK conspiracy theories.

But believing JFK, his brother, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King were all slain in the 1960s by lone gunmen motivated by their own beliefs is still a stretch four decades later.

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