Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Sun was pro NDP?

A favourite past time for Toronto Sun readers with too much time on their hands is Googling Sun-related news stories and blog postings.

Rachel Marsden's "torture" comments in her column Monday have produced Google results that contain angry, anti-Sun sentiments far from the normal blog fare.

But The Galloping Beaver's posting on Marsden's column includes the following comment from a Toronto resident that caught our eye:

"As a longtime Toronto resident I can tell you a bit about the Sun's past - It used to be a pro NDP paper and really pushed itself as a pro union paper. Within the last 5-10 years while I wasn't watching it somehow became this Conservative Rag that you have noted. At one time the paper was owned by the employees - I guess they sold out!"

TSF note: We must have been napping during the Sun's pro NDP, pro union period.

But back on the Marsden front . . .

The Creative Revolution blog is promoting a letter writing campaign that includes Toronto Sun e-mail addresses and extends to YouTube.

And more from The Carpetbagger Report following her torture comments on CNN.

Among the numerous blog comments is a suggestion Rachel Marsden volunteer for a waterboarding session and write a first person account of the interrogation tactic.

A "swimmingly good" idea, eh?

1 comment:

  1. Rachel Mengele Marsden represents a crossed threshold.

    An absolute suspension of judgement and humanity.

    When and why the Sun abandoned rational discourse in favour of "the banality of evil" and outright pathology, who can say.

    But an unusual number of people have noticed, this time. And they will no longer be Sun readers.

    Some editor should hang for this.