Friday, 9 November 2007

Random thoughts

Some random Sun thoughts on a quiet, post-Marsden evening:

- When did the murders of Canadian policemen stop being front page news in the Toronto Sun? Are their deaths less newsworthy than Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan?

- Have newspapers that publish weighty weekend editions considered alternate "lite" editions to save on paper and costs. Charge the same price, but accommodate readers who just want the basics: news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and business. Half of our Saturday Star goes directly to the recycle box. Trim the fat for "lite" editions. Save trees.

- Should the 250 locked out and striking Le Journal de Quebec employees in Quebec City forget about trying to get Quebecor back to the table after six months and take their MediaMatin strike tabloid to a new and more professional level? Blogger Fagstein says it is time to go for it.

- One day you are playing poker at a stag for Kevin Hann, a young Toronto Sun reporter, and before you know it he is the city editor with a 14-year-old daughter, Niki, interested in photography and visiting the Sun during Take Out Kids to Work Day.

- What became of the Toronto Sun's popular annual reader surveys? Readers were provided with separate published surveys for rating daily and Sunday Sun content and the results were published. Who are today's big Sun guns in the eyes of readers? It's time to ask.

- If the Toronto Sun has opted out of the Audit Bureau of Circulations, why not say so? If not, is it going to sit back and wait for favourable numbers to spin?

- Has the profitable, ad-packed Toronto Sun considered dropping the street price to a quarter to boost sales? Would it make a difference? The New York Post is a quarter.

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