Monday, 26 November 2007

The presses mess

Toronto Sun pressmen were facing a long, cold winter among the unemployed until Quebecor's new printing plant in Islington fumbled the ball.

Now, sources say, they are keeping the presses running at 333 King Street East as professionally as ever - and receiving bonus pay for their services.

Observers wonder with Quebecor World's commercial printing empire now in "total freefall," will the future of the new printing plant in Toronto Sun terms be a non-event?

"It (the new plant) may be a white elephant," one source told TSF. "PKP is certainly in a crisis situation - entirely of his own making."

All of the Sun's pressroom employees deserve a huge amount of credit for keeping the presses running despite the pink slip treatment they received from Quebecor.

Rather than transfer all of the Sun pressmen, some with 30-plus years of experience, to the new plant, Quebecor was prepared to show them all the door.

These pressmen are dedicated professionals, indeed. The kind of Sun employees co-founder Doug Creighton cherished daily and never took for granted.

You can have all of the reporters, columnists, editors and chiefs you need, but it is the pressmen who make it all happen on the street.

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