Thursday, 29 November 2007

Sun nightmare

Five Help Wanted ads for Ottawa Sun pressroom jobs were in the papers Thursday as Ottawa prepares to regain control of its press runs.

While encouraging, we can't forget Sun employees in Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary hurt by Quebecor's chainsaws from 1999 through last spring.

Hundreds of once loyal Sun employees with roots and families in the original four tabloid cities - Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary - had their lives disrupted.

Many gifted Sun newspaper men and women in all departments found themselves on the outside looking in after being fired, laid off or forced into buyouts and resignations.

What ifs are seldom productive, but what if Quebecor had embraced the proven and profitable Sun tabloid formula, nurtured for almost three decades?

What if Quebecor hadn't forced centralization down the throats of editors and readers and slashed newsrooms to embarrassingly thin numbers?

It was all so sad to watch the fruit from decades of success shrivel thanks to tunnel vision strategies.

The Suns in Toronto and Ottawa are rebounding, with job postings and a renewed focus on local news.

But a lot of great talent has been lost, thanks to misguided boys with their toys.

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