Friday, 11 December 2009

Bob's cause

The first fall of snow brings to mind the thousands of down-and-out men and women the late, great Bob MacDonald helped as a hands-on supporter of the annual Regent Park Christmas Dinner.

Last Christmas, more than 1,300 people enjoyed a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, thanks to donations, many in Bob's name.

Bob's involvement was much more than lip service. He would leave Christmas Day comforts of family and home to man the chow line at Sacre Coeur Church on Sherbourne Street.

He would be on that chow line until everyone got fed and then scoot home for his own Christmas dinner with his wife and his daughter, Moira.

Bob, an AA member, had empathy for the down-and-out men and women helped by the good work of the dinner's organizers.

After Bob died on Feb. 26, 2006, Moira, a Sun columnist, took up the cause. She wrote about her father's selfless efforts last December.

There is still time to make a donation in memory of Bob. Mail a cheque to

Regent Park Christmas Dinner,
P.O. Box 30085, 2365 Warden Ave., Unit 4,
Scarborough, Ontario M1T 0A1.

We know it would put a smile on Bob's face.

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