Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Cutback Casualty 3

This is Cutback Casualties Week at TSF, representing a decade of Quebecor cutbacks at Sun Media newspapers and at former Osprey Media newspapers since 2007.

We invite former employees affected by the massive Black Tuesday staff cuts last December, or any other layoffs and firings, to update TSF on their post-Quebecor lives. E-mail your stories to TSF.

Wayne Newton, former editorial coordinator/national comment editor:

"I was shocked and caught totally off guard when my job as editorial coordinator/national comment copy editor was eliminated in October.

"I thought it was a job of the future, largely cyber-commuting with editors across the country, and I miss it very much.

"Now, with the help of a career counsellor and the support of family and friends, I am ramping up my search for a new, suitable position in London and am optimistic something good will come up in 2010.

"My exit was eased by the class shown by Glenn Garnett, Paul Berton, Rob Granatstein (who took the time to create a hilarious "tribute" page), Lorrie Goldstein, and several other comment editors and writers who called or e-mailed.

"There are many good, classy people in the company and I wish them all the success in the world. As for me, I'll keep plugging away with my resume polished and my fingers crossed.

"Meanwhile, I'm Twittering and building my Linkedin connections.

"Thank you (TSF) for maintaining this blog.

"Wayne Newton"

Thank you for your update, Wayne.

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  1. Good luck Wayne.

    Dave Vachon, Belleville Intelligencer.