Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Jobs update

During our search for a Help Wanted ad for a Peterborough Examiner reporter, as mentioned by a TSF tipster, we discovered our job hunt links were woefully outdated.

The page has been updated and several obsolete links deleted, leaving the following active sites for job hunters to scan daily:

Canadian Press;

CEP/Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild;

CTVglobemedia; Jeff Gaulin's Job Board;


Masthead Online;

Media Job Search Canada;

Metroland Publishing;

Osprey Media;

Sun Media.

While we couldn't find the Peterborough posting, we did notice the Sudbury Star is looking for a news editor; Canwest is looking for a national crime and punishment writer; the Globe and Mail is looking for a web developer; Toronto Community Press needs an editor in chief; Metroland needs a reporter in the Ottawa area etc.

The Guelph Mercury has next summer in mind with an ad for a summer 2010 reporter-photographer intern, a paying job.

Meanwhile, the Red Deer Advocate in Alberta is looking for two "temporary" reporters.

"Position #1 is a five-month full-time position from Jan. 4 to May 31, 2010. Position #2 is a three-month position from April 1 to June 30, 2010."

Is that what Canadian journalism is coming to - temp jobs?

Good luck in the hunt. A new decade is coming.


  1. Good Morning

    Have you seen todays New York Post front page?
    Too much......and is it for real?
    You have got to see it.

  2. It's Photoshopped. Tiger hasn't faced the cameras.

    Nor should he.