Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cutback Casualty 2

This is Cutback Casualties Week at TSF, representing a decade of Quebecor cutbacks at Sun Media newspapers and at former Osprey Media newspapers since 2007.

We invite former employees affected by the massive Black Tuesday staff cuts last December, or any other layoffs and firings, to update TSF on their post-Quebecor lives. E-mail your stories to TSF.

Derrick Cracknell writes:

"I had worked (with media for) 28 years, starting out with Thomson Newspapers and ending January 2008 with Quebecor as general manager at Georgian Web in Barrie.

"At one time, Georgian Web was running three shifts, printing about 35 products per week and employed 22 full time and 35 part time staff. This plant has since been shuttered.

"During my 28-year tenure with the various ownership companies, I was treated very well and made lots of friends and business contacts along the way.

"I have since found employment with Winchester Print and Stationery in Winchester, just south of Ottawa. This is a family run, full service printing company and stationery store. They are awesome to work with and we print many community papers and magazines. We also have sheetfed, bindery, folders, cutters, laminating and shrink wrapping equipment, as well as prepress services.

"I would encourage any former newspaper employees thinking of starting up a community paper to contact us as we can accommodate most requests and currently do some work for newspaper start ups that have gone on to be quite successful.

"I have been a reader of this blog for several years and appreciate the work that goes into it.

"Cheers and all the best to you and your readers for a happy, safe and prosperous holiday season.

"Derrick Cracknell, Winchester Print and Stationery, 613-774-3186."

Thank you for your update, Derrick.

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  1. I've worked with DC and he's great. Really takes pride in finished product rolling off the presses and makes corrections if it's not right. Good to see good things are happening to cast-offs.