Thursday, 3 December 2009

OT: NY Post

Taking liberties with a stock photo of Tiger Woods and his wife left a TSF reader wondering: "Is this for real?"

The New York tabloid crosses the line into supermarket tabloid territory with this photo of a well-bandaged Woods.

Loose, very loose.


  1. That photo is circulating on e-mail, but it's complete trash that a newspaper -- even a tabloid in the grossest sense of the word -- would actually put it on the cover.

    How about the four cops shot in Seattle? Didn't hear much about them on the news this week.

    It's the end of days.

  2. Brutal and pathetic with the photo.

    But I have to admit, I loved the headline "I'm a cheetah!"

  3. Right but it sold! and they are a TAB. Let's not get too far from the mission here....with a street sale tabloid (no home delivery I belive) the job of a front page is to sell the paper.

    I think they got it right. I wouldn't expect that from the Globe or New York Times but for the Post...starts to rank up there with headless body in topless bar..