Friday, 18 December 2009

PKP & Xmas

TSF winds up Cutback Casualties Week with PKP's 2009 Christmas holidays greeting for employees who survived another year of cutbacks.

"I'm grateful for the dedication to the cause," says PKP.

He also says:

"I hope you come back fresh and rested for 2010 promises to be as full of challenges as the year that has ended."

The challenge in 2009, say TSF readers still employed, was to keep your head low, nose to the grindstone and not be caught commenting on Sun Media matters.

They expect more of the same in 2010.

As for PKP's Christmas 2009 video, we give it a one ho rating for sincerity.

Our thanks to all of the cutback casualties who provided updates on their post-Quebecor lives.


  1. Come back fresh and rested? From what? It's just another long weekend for me, along with the stress of driving all over to see family and trying to stretch my measly paycheque to shop for Christmas without the usual Xmas bonus.
    Just when I thought I couldn't be any more cynical...

  2. Aw Pierre, here's hoping you get what you deserve for Christmas!

  3. In the words of a TV character - Worst video ever!!
    Fake background and his wishes.....well the phrase acta non verba comes to mind

  4. No, last year's video was much worse...

  5. Last year's video was definitely worse. I got the bad news on Black Tuesday, then, because I was the production manager of two papers and had three work email addresses, I received the Christmas video from PKP THREE SEPARATE TIMES.

    I was a little bitter.

  6. ...and at least one of his eyes have our attention. Presumably, the other is fixed on the diamond-encrusted Leer jet in the background, which was recently purchased with our collective Christmas bonuses.

    Methinks PKP is a lifer on Santa's 'naughty' list.

  7. What a way to boost morale - sign off your Christmas greeting with a line that translates as, "And if you thought this year was bad, just wait'll you see what we do to you this year."