Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Penis power


Mention "penis" in this blog and the hits set a new record - almost 1,200 by midnight yesterday.

It's a long way from the hundred or so daily hits in the first weeks after Toronto Sun Family was launched three years ago today.

Almost 400,000 hits later, we are humbled by the growing audience. It is sufficient incentive to scrap plans to restrict TSF postings to the Toronto Sun, where it all began 38 years ago.

A lot of comments and e-mails supporting the status quo came from 333, a clear message from T.O. that employees across the chain are part of the family.

Besides, PKP's baffling game plan for his chain of newspapers as Sun Media approaches a new decade is too intriguing to abandon midstream.

Venting is healthy and Sun Media employees have been venting here for three years, so vent on.

All of your comments, anonymous or not, are welcomed, as long as they do not attack fellow employees. To the reader who recently called a Toronto Sun employee an arrogant motherfucker, are you wondering why your comment was rejected?

Let's try to be more civil in 2010. Fellow employees, union or non-union, are not the problem.

Last, but not least, memories of the glory years of the Sun papers are always welcomed.Today's employees owe a huge debt to the vets.


  1. Thank you for reconsidering your decision. As a former Sun Media employee as of October 09, I too am baffled by PKP's decisions however I have accepted when you own most of the marbles you control the game. I always look forward with interest to what is happening in the corporation and feel for the fate of brothers and sisters at all the branches. Best Regards.

  2. As a reporter at one of those mid-size dailies, I'm pleased to hear the blog will continue to reflect the entire chain.

    Your growing number of hits - not just for the Penisgate story, but also for the blog itself - speaks to the hunger we still have as news people, and a reminder that working for a newspaper is actually quite fun.

    Penis power