Friday, 4 December 2009

TorSun split

It seems the grand plan of having all Toronto Sun employees share second floor leased space at 333 won't work as planned.

A TSF tipster says employees were told today by e-mail not all employees can be accommodated, so some will have to move to a new building on Yonge Street near the 401.

The tipster says it sounds like "editorial, CSO and some IT along with Canoe will remain at 333."

Circulation, corporate IT and all others who won't fit on the second floor are moving to the Yonge St location, says the tipster.

The downsizing of what was once six floors of Toronto Sun activity to renters scrambling for elbow room is beyond pathetic.

Especially at Christmas time, for those with fond memories of 333 in its prime, when Christmas brought office parties, a hefty Christmas bonus and sincere good cheer, not downsizing and pink slips.

The selling of Sun Media buildings, presses and anything else of value, including the expertise of once valued veteran employees, would make Wall Street's fictional Gordon Gekko proud.

From cash cow pickings to a carcass in 10 short years.

As one saddened vet recently told TSF: "It's over."


  1. 'Over' because of a building change??? Team is in the heart, memories are in the heart, people are with you, not because of real estate. God forbid anyone think of change as an energy.
    Just a thought.
    I was there near the beginning...and proudly. Still am proud.

  2. It's sad...Quebecor has no sense of tradition or history with any of its papers. It doesn't care about integrity and motivating its employees, just the almighty dollar.

    Disheartening to see how these papers are slowly dying.

  3. I find it ironic. "Saddened Vet," & "Tipster" have so much to say.
    From cash cow pickings to a carcass in 10 short years, really?
    Maybe the "pickings" had something to do with it.

    You know, it's not the glory days you remember but those of us who still have a passion for the job and ENJOY working for the Sun really do like where we are and where we are going. Yes, those of us WORKING for the Sun.

    However, It's nice to have someone who sits on the sidelines and grumps about how good it was. It reminds me of my grandfather.

  4. So who are these Toronto Sun employees in the cheerleading squad? Why are you posting anonymously if you so are so delighted to be working there? PKP would be delighted to hear some positive feedback from employees for a change. Let him know who you are and you might avoid the next round of layoffs, or do you remain anonymous because he doesn't want employees interacting with TSF? We're happy that you are happy, but puzzled by your reluctance to sign your comments.


  5. Well Gramps...(real name?) Why would we subject ourselves as a target to perpetual moaning and groaning and campaign complaining?

    Nice to see someone else join in and sing 'pride' for who we are today, who we are trying to be, and for how we are trying to contribute.

    I love it when this site covers real news, and real memories. That's it's value...holding proud to journalistic principles. Oh yes, I'm still proud. Like it or not.

  6. You tell em, pops. We'll smoke out everyone who don't agree with us. That's the union way, eh?

  7. So they miscalculated the amount of room they had on the one floor to squeeze in the survivors. Just one more example of how the company's 'leaders' screw up every major project. The PC database connected to the Macs is another beauty. Did they ever fix that? Also, I can only figure the cheerleaders enjoy getting back-doored because that's what they subject themselves to every day.

  8. "That's it's value... holding proud to journalistic principles."

    You might want to edit that.

  9. WTF? The union way? What does this blog and its proprietor's opinions have to do with a union? He was never part of a unionized Sun!
    Careful, the union might be under your bed.
    BTW, I agree with the original poster. There's still plenty of pride in our newsroom, even if we're undermanned. Adversity tends to bring that out in people.
    Jim Slotek
    Vice Chair
    Toronto Sun Unit
    Local 87-M

  10. Hard to imagine...but we ain't all journalists. Some proud Sun employees, degrees or not, do things other than write. But oh yes, let's do indeed edit their content to discredit them (rather than hear a different voice).

  11. Look on the bright side...

    The Toronto Sun has two offices, some of us have none.

  12. I continue to wonder why the anonymous author of this blog chooses to criticize the anonymous people who feed him the information he asks for. Yeah, I know who TSF is, but most people don't. He doesn't use his real name. Yet he loves to back up the people who criticize anonymous contributors, and criticize them himself.

    Cheerleader or detractor, booster or slammer, the truth is Sun employees at many papers, particularly the Osprey dailies, have been told they will be fired if they're even known to have visited this site. And TSF wants them to use their real names?

    I understand this blog is returning to its "Weren't things great?" roots. The sooner the better. Maybe people will use their real names when they tell tall tales about Rimstead, and all seven January visitors to TSF can chuckle while the rest of us anonymous working newspaper employees soldier on.

  13. The author of this blog is not relevant. TSF does not speak for one person. This blog is for you.

    That has often been emphasized since TSF was launched three years ago. It began as a sounding board for Toronto Sun employees, past and present, who were concerned, and for good reason, about the direction Quebecor was taking the flagship tabloid. The blog quickly expanded to the entire Sun Media chain and later accommodated the Osprey crowd.

    TSF readers have fed the blog a mix of positive and negative news about the papers they work for and, sadly, content has been largely negative. Comments have also become divisive: union vs. non-union, employees vs. management. Divide and conquer comes to mind.

    If what you say about Sun Media employees, pro or con, being told they will be fired if known to have visited this blog, it is deeply disturbing. Journalism and freedom of speech used to be sacrosanct. Maybe not in communist China . . .

    Management's TSF edict explains why we haven't heard a peep from the Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton Suns.

    That said, TSF will be here for all Sun Media employees into 2010. PKP's game plan is too puzzling to bow out midstream.

    As for TSF, there is no I in team.