Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Intel -mailroom

More Merry-Christmas-you're-fired news, this time at the Belleville Intelligencer - a week shy of the first anniversary of Black Tuesday.

Out are the paper's mailroom and an undisclosed number of the 55 employees and in is a new depot-style facility at another location.

A story in today's paper calls the mailroom closure in January "part of a larger corporate plan to become leaner and more flexible."

The story says "a number of employees from the current facility will move to the new depot. The mailroom currently employees about 55 people; the number to move is still being determined."

The current mailroom is used to insert flyers in the Intelligencer, Community Press, Trentonian and County Weekly News.

The story says the new facility will be responsible for co-ordinating local delivery of the newspapers while the insertion process will be done at facilities outside the region.

Intelligencer publisher John Knowles says: "No one ever wants to let people go, especially the kind of hard-working dedicated people we have had the privilege of having work for us."

But he is "excited" about improvements being made for readers and customers.

Our crystal ball sees more and more Sun Media newspapers becoming glorified flyers in the next decade. Money over responsible and dedicated community news.

Perfect timing for the launching of new and independent newspapers run by people who give a damn.

Media conglomerates have sure made a mess of things.


  1. the newspaper industry is in decline worldwide, as new digital/independent media supercedes the former world of journalism. those of us "at another location" in sunmedia work as hard and diligently as previous employees. as unfortunate as it is to see ongoing cuts to editorial, administrative staff and others, these changes are necessary. they represent fundamental shifts in the industry that can no longer be denied by any publication intending to stay in business.

  2. The above comment was brought to you by PKP

  3. I would agree with the above comment if not for the market share we're handing our competitors by constantly cutting our resources. Other papers smile at the incompetence of our management.

  4. What hogwash.

    Quebecor's newspapers are in decline because they never invest in them. Plain and simple. It has nothing at all to do with the 'declining' market, and everything to do with laughably poor management and the simple fact that QMI is raping the bottom line.

    Furthermore, instead of empowering employees to rise to the occasion and produce better products, they have killed off all of the good staff because they didn't want to pay for quality journalism, editing or newspaper production. The results of their negligence are plain to see: staffers working in fear, news stories are untimely, badly written and rife with errors. Every regional newspaper exhibits the same homogenized and unexciting design aesthetic that does nothing for the brand, but perfectly exemplifies QMI's lack of passion for newspapers; the printing quality is disastrously poor chain-wide thanks to their multi-gazillion dollar ├╝ber press in Islington, and the ad rates are extortionate.

    Now we have to take these boat anchors we like to call newspapers, after PKP systematically ruined everything for the poor saps that still work for him, and we all have to sell them to an audience who CAN tell the difference between their old, beloved daily, the abortion they now have cluttering up their mailbox with flyers, and the fantastic new independent weekly that opened up a month ago that does everything right ... only to watch some corporate bonehead like the first poster in this thread with the gall to blame it all on the economy.


    Osprey's newspapers all had an air of distinction and originality when Sifton was at the helm, fashioned from years of listening to readers and reacting to individual local needs. PKP butchered this ideology, then parasitically sucked the life from these markets and turned them into his clone army; identical, yet barely presentable on the outside, and utterly dead on the inside.

    No, PKP, every reader is NOT identical! No, PKP, every market is NOT the same!