Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jay Leno material?

Updated re YouTube visits and Gawker coverage

Penisgate has helped TSF set a new daily hits record Tuesday - almost 2,000 by midnight.

Meanwhile, the YouTube views count for MTV Canada's coverage was 350 on Tuesday, and more than 2,200 today.

And Gawker readers are having their say.

Not sure if Jay Leno has checked it out personally, but we're sure Penisgate will reach NBC TV for use in his Monday night headlines bit.

Santa Claus parade and hot tub float penis exposure. They don't mix at all, but the photo has put Peterborough on the map.

It is incredible that the photo went from a Peterborough Examiner photographer to the photo desk, if the paper still has one, to layout editors, to the webmaster and presses, on to the Canadian Press and its editors, and then to Metro and its editors - all without penis detection.

What are the odds of that happening?


  1. There's some funny chatter on Real Jock, the gay fitness health and life website. hehehe

  2. Penisgate made it on Regret the Error!