Monday, 21 December 2009

Bylines etc

Sun Media is out in bylines, QMI Agency is in.

But not always for QMI Agency.

If John Smith of the Toronto Sun writes a story, "Toronto Sun" will be beneath his byline.

But if John Smith's story is used in another Sun Media newspaper, it will be John Smith, QMI Agency.

Your own story, the name of your paper. Shared story, QMI.

Except for bylines for parliamentary bureau staffers. They don't change. It is John Smith, Parliamentary Bureau, in all of the papers.

As 2009 winds down and the countdown to Sun Media sans the Canadian Press next June continues, it is time to think QMI Agency.


For decades, media have abbreviated Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI), Canadian Press (CP) etc. to save space after first mention. QMI will surely follow.

Dropping "Sun Media" in editorial content is yet another slice of the chain's roots being trimmed and discarded.


  1. Having Sun Media rather than the paper's name in byline wasn't about identity. It helped hide any cuts and fool readers into thinking there was plenty of staff. This could be a good sign as far as any future cuts.

  2. Ick! It gives the impression of some seedy underground operative, like KAOS, or a headhunter firm in the less gentrified part of town. Further proof that Sun Media under PKP is losing touch with reality. On purpose. Very sad.

  3. Would you care to explain why you allow certain responses to some posts, but discard others? Is this a forum for everyone's thoughts, or just the ones you agree with?
    I've submitted stuff that basically agreed with the original post, and it never appeared. How is this a forum if everything's filtered by one person's whim?

  4. And the appearance of QMI signals the beginning of the disappearance of Canadian Press (CP) from Sun Media / Quebecor pages. Personally, I see this is another step in the wrong direction when it comes to supplying the news.

    I'm not even sure that this is a great cost-cutting measure. Quebecor needs more imagination and less bean counting.

  5. Is it just me, or aren't most QMI stories simply rewritten Canadian Press stories? I read a CP story on the wire, then later read a QMI story on the same subject. The lead was tweaked but almost everything else was identical, down the the quotes. And, call me cynical, but I doubt CP scalped QMI.

  6. Re 10:10 a.m.: Only anonymous comments containing cheap shots aimed at individuals are rejected.

  7. No, it's not just you. That's exactly what they've been told to do: Rework CP stories, post immediately. Awful, eh? I hope CP is taking note...

  8. Since we lost CP, our sports section has taken a massive hit and we had CP for a number of years.

    Readers question where are the Canadiens' games? Why do we just run Toronto Maple Leaf stories and why is it now just the same copy found in the Toronto Sun.

    Or why didn't we have "insert story not in QMI's market" when competing paper has CP version?

    Still no replacement coming for QMI? If PKP thinks buying a few freelance stories here and there in non-QMI markets is the solution, he's sadly mistaken.