Monday, 7 December 2009

Star's D-Day

If the Toronto Star is on schedule, today's the day employees will be told how many staffers have taken buyouts and how many will be laid off, if any.

Management announced in November the newspaper was required to chop 100 jobs, through voluntary buyouts and layoffs if needed.

A staff memo said the broad reworking of the paper "will affect every job in every corner of the organization."

Hopefully, Sun staffers who have fled to 1 Yonge Street over the years ducked and covered. If not, we're asking tipsters to name casualties.


  1. To be fair..... if anyone has any stories of PKP showing kindness, generosity, warm heart, good cheer, blah, blah, we'd love to hear them..... we're still waiting

  2. Another result of the hacking and slashing by PKP in newsrooms is the photo published today in the Peterborough Examiner of a high school student fully exposing himself for the camera on a parade float. The photog had no idea and the reduced number of editors working the weekend unfortunately missed it.
    Readers got a glimpse of how cutback's are affecting PKP's local organ. Not impressive.

  3. Ooops...our parade photo was picked up by CP and is in Metro

  4. News tip: The Peterborough Examiner published a photo of a teenager in the Santa Claus Parade getting out of a hot tub with his penis in view out of his swim trunks. They've pulled all issues from the newsstands, but will surely be hearing from the kid's family. Not enough staff on the desk up there?