Thursday, 21 June 2007

All things Black

Lorrie Goldstein seems befuddled by Toronto media coverage of Conrad Black's trial in Chicago, as indicated in his Toronto Sun column today.

"Does anyone out there know what's going on at the Conrad Black trial in Chicago, because here in Toronto we have no !@@## idea," says Lorrie.

"Reading our local media, you'd think there was one trial going on in the Windy City and another on Mars.

For a wider view of all things Conrad, Lorrie, you can't beat a blog called The Conrad Black Trial: Comeuppance Or Vindication: Running Commentary on the trial of Lord Black.

The site provides links to the trial coverage of numerous media sources across North America, including several Sun Media newspapers.

The trial has introduced two popular Canadian figures to American readers: Toronto Sun co-founder and columnist Peter Worthington and veteran Toronto lawyer Eddie Greenspan.

A not guilty verdict will vindicate Peter, whose critics say he has been biased from the start of the trial, and it would further enhance Eddie's impeccable record as a winning Canadian lawyer.

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