Saturday, 9 June 2007

Bye Sun TV guide

The once-popular and thriving Sun TV guide is no more.

It is being merged with the ENT entertainment section, says a message to readers on the Edmonton Sun web site.

Shades of the Globe and Mail's Friday entertainment and television guide package.

There was little left of Sun Television, so Sun TV coverage can only improve with the merger.

Says the Edmonton Sun message:

"TV mag, ENT, comics now rolled into one!

"Our faithful readers like their Sun compact and easy to read and we think we've got a new weekend product that fits the bill.

"We've merged our new Sunday entertainment pullout section, ENT, with TV Magazine and the comics for a one-stop read - that will keep readers entertained and informed for the entire week.

"We think we've covered the bases with what our readers like - quality, comprehensive listings for the entire week.

"Our popular comics round out this new section.

"So go ahead, delve into ENT, find out what's on or have a chuckle - this section will sit nicely on the coffee table for the whole week."

RIP Sun Television, previously known as TV Magazine. A lot of good people worked hard to build you up over the years, only to be deflated by Quebecor staff and content cutbacks.

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