Thursday, 7 June 2007

Sun page count

We are not sure when it began, but somewhere along the way the Toronto Sun page count on the last page now includes the sports section and special supplements.

An observant Toronto Sun reader asked TSF if the tabloid was padding the page figures after noticing Wednesday's back page count was 116, when the previous news page was 67.

The Wednesday count was 68 news pages, 20 sports pages, 16 Summer Fun pages and 12 Job pages, making it 116 pages in all.

No padding, just another way of making every page count should advertisers and readers be interested in knowing what they are getting for their money at a glance.

A stretch would be adding advertising inserts to the page counts.

Update: The page count change is old news, a former Toronto Sun executive tells TSF in an e-mail. "The change in counting pages in the Suns was made 18 months - two years ago. PKP requested that it be done to mirror what was done at LJM (Montreal Journal.) There was never an intent to include advertising supplements in the count."

Thanks for the update.

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